What exactly is the purpose of a personal website? Is it to show off one's personal skills, talents, achievements, or is it to provide another gateway of information for people? Or maybe a personal website is being used as a storage medium for our personal memories to share with the closest of our friends but, because it is on the Internet, it is rather public?

In the end, I believe that those of us who have personal websites have one to claim a certain degree of fame to ourselves -- to be recognized by the world, or at least those around us. In other words...most of the time we all have a website that is selling something: ourselves. We tell the world of our achievements/work so that maybe we'll get recognized and contacted for a job opportunity. For example, we put modelling pictures of ourselves (either professional, amateur or self-done) hoping to perhaps be noticed in the model community. We may put up recordings of ourselves to perhaps get recognized by the music industry...and maybe get somewhere.

And that is exactly what Addonelam.net is:

Adwin Lam's little crumb of the pie known as the Internet